Wilderness Emergency Care book

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 The National Association for Search and Rescue  publishes the revised and updated third edition of my comprehensive textbook, Wilderness Emergency Care, and  supports the family of courses I developed including Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, and Wilderness EMT Upgrade.

Unlike most books on the subject, WEC explains the concepts clearly, and shows you how to do all the skills, step by step.

  • Large format (8 1/2" by 11") and 270 pages.
  • Illustrated with many photos (in full color) and drawings.



Available on Amazon and from the National Association for Search and Rescue (www.nasar.org).

Note that used copies of the old (outdated) edition are still being sold on Amazon. The current edition has Third Edition, Revised under the title, and the NASAR logo in the bottom right corner.


For a preview of the artwork, go to the web site of the artist: http://www.GangOf1.com/BookIllustrations.html



Section 1: Preparation and assessment
1.  Training for wilderness emergencies
2.  Patient assessment: Learning to find the problems
3.  Wilderness first aid kits

Section 5: Biological hazards
21. Contaminated water and disinfection
22. Mosquitoes, ticks, and disease
23. Spiders, bees, and wasps
24. Venomous snakes
25. Hazardous mammals
26. Marine hazards
27. Hazadous plants

Section 6: Medical problems
28. Medical emergencies in the wilderness
29. CPR and oxygen in the wilderness
30. Pregnancy and childbirth

Section 7: Evacuation and survival
31. Survival and evacuation techniques
32. EMS in the wilderness
33. Herbal first aid by Charles Garcia

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Section 2: Preventing and caring for injuries
4.  Shock
5.  Wilderness wound care
6.  Burns and wilderness fire hazards
7. Bone injuries and splinting
8. Athletic injuries 


Section 3: Specific injuries
9. Head injuries
10. Eye, facial, and dental injuries
11. Managing spinal injuries
12. Chest and abdominal injuries 

Section 4: Environmental hazards
13. Hyperthermia: How to beat the heat
14. Hypothermia
15. Frostbite and Raynaud's disease
16. Dressing for survival
17. Effects of high altitude
18. Lightning strike
19. Solar radiation and eye protection by Stephen R. Chun, OD, FAAO
20. Sunburn and skin protection 

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Steve Donelan

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